About me


Offering you years of experience therapy, which is confidential and in a safe space to talk. I am fully insured. I have regular supervision.

I undertake regular training and personal development to keep me updated.
Showing you how to listen to your inner voice in order to evolve. I believe the focus should be on you.


* Depression/ Sadness.

 Is not always suicide and self-harm It can be feeling down and sad in the winter. Unable to get out of bed. Not wanting to socialize. Hiding away from everyone and just existing. Life becomes dull, numb and you feel that you are just existing, not really living. I can support you by listening to your feelings, building up your self-esteem.

Helping you to move forward with a healthy, successful life.

* Anxiety/ Fear for the future.

 Is about fear for your future. You will be anxious about things of safety,   embarrassment and shaking. I can be crippling, hold you back in parts of your life, that you know you can do better at. I can support you to explore your triggers and manage your fear. 

How we remember our childhood is important to build a solid foundation for our lives. Abuse is not something you can forget. You will live with it every day of your life. Emotional put-downs called gaslighting making you feel worthless and useless.  They will use Control and manipulation to try to break you. You feel unable to leave them, as they hold the home, finances and control of your family and friends. I can help you by helping you feel the pain of your past and looking into the future. Showing you that you are worthy of love. You are useful in society. You will be someone to be proud of.


* Work-related Stress. Stress in life.

 Do you feel pressured t work? Is your workload too much? Do feel bullied? Unable to move up in your career. I can support you with this. To move you to a place of no stress and a way of looking forward. Mindfulness can apply.


* Teenagers.

 School pressure? Exams? Boyfriend/girlfriends? Teachers getting at you? Friends all wanting your time and pressuring you to do things you don't want to do? It's a busy time of your life. Deciding whom you want to be? What career? What choices in subjects? Sex? Or gay? Spilt families? I have over 6 years of experience with teenagers who feel stressed, pressured and mentally exhausted.

* Couple Counselling.

 Couples come into counselling when they feel vulnerable and anxious about their future. I can help you both 

communicate better towards each other and find the answers you are looking for.



I can work long term over a long period to build a relationship of trust and warmth.

I can also work short focused sessions for 6 to 8 weeks. Your choice.

Member of NCS.
10 years of Qualified experience in counselling.



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